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Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Woman with bright white teethIf you walk down the oral hygiene aisle of your local grocery store, you will likely find numerous teeth whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, strips, and gels. The internet DIYers are on the case too, recommending a number of dubious at-home teeth whitening solutions. It’s no secret that people want to brighten their smiles. Unfortunately, many of these products do more harm than good, and most people see little to no change in the shades of their teeth. At Sierra Smiles Family Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, we’ve got a better option. Zoom! teeth whitening is a professional, cosmetic treatment that can deliver smiles up to ten shades brighter for many patients. If you want to find out more, call our Pasadena dentist and team to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation today. We’ll evaluate your current smile, discuss your dream smile, and help you find the right treatments to bring the two together.

Causes of Dental Discoloration

Teeth can be discolored for a variety of reasons, and not all of them can be corrected with even the most effective teeth whitening techniques. Before we recommend Zoom! whitening, we will work with you to create a cosmetic dentistry plan that will deliver the results you’re after. Some of the most common causes of dental discoloration include:

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How Zoom! Teeth Whitening Works

Zoom! whitening is performed entirely in our office. We start by comparing your smile to a tooth shade chart. Then, we isolate the teeth using rubber shields to protect soft tissue. A coat of whitening gel is applied to teeth, and the low-heat Zoom! light is placed to activate the gel and accelerate the whitening process. Every twenty minutes, we’ll check the results and reapply as necessary to achieve your flawless, bright white smile. Most patients see results ten shades brighter in about an hour.

Benefits of Zoom! Whitening

If you decide to move forward with Zoom! whitening, you will experience the following benefits:

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Zoom! VS Store Bought Teeth Whitening

Take home teeth whitening kitStore bought teeth whitening kits have to use very low doses of active whitening gel, and the application methods do not allow the whitener to work long enough to lift stains. Instead, Zoom! is performed completely under the observation of your skilled dentist. We use professional grade teeth whitening gel, and the innovative Zoom! application technique to deliver flawless smiles.