At Sierra Smiles, we not only offer a comprehensive range of services; we’ve also invested in some of the best tools currently available. From one-visit crowns with CEREC to advanced imaging with ConeBeam technology, we’re doing what we can to provide our patients in and around Pasadena, TX with the most advanced dental care possible. Advanced in dental technology have made the treatment experience more comfortable, not to mention more efficient and more affordable.

Our advanced tools include:

Digital Smile Design

With Digital Smile Design (DSD), we have an advanced planning tool at our disposal. Beyond simply recommending a specific cosmetic or restorative service, we can actually show you what your results will look like before your treatment even begins. That way you can make choices about your care that you feel genuinely confident about. Do you have questions about the benefits of planning with DSD? Our team would love to answer them for you. Contact us today!


Tooth decay is a common oral health problem that can have a dramatic impact on your oral health if it’s not addressed early on. Unfortunately, it’s not easy diagnosing early-stage decay with just the naked eye. That’s why we’ve invested in a tool known as DIAGNOdent. With DIAGNOdent, it’s possible to diagnose decay very early, so it can be treated with very minimal changes to your tooth.

Soft Tissue Laser

Our soft tissue laser helps us in two important ways. First, it lets us provide patients with periodontal care that’s far more comfortable than treatment with a service like scaling and root planing. Not only is laser periodontal care less invasive, it also comes with a shorter recovery as a result. The second way we use our soft tissue laser is to help patients with gum recontouring. This cosmetic service lets us create fuller, shapelier smiles for patients who have struggled with an excessively gummy smile.

Oral Cancer Screenings with VELscope and ViziLite

As with decay, the best course of action is to diagnose and treat it as soon as possible—though, with oral cancer, the stakes are higher. Roughly one person dies of oral cancer every hour. What’s more, thousands of new diagnoses are made every year, often in patients with none of the traditional risk factors. Both VELscope and ViziLite are designed to help us spot abnormalities while they’re nearly invisible.This lets us begin working on a treatment plan early, improving your chances of making a full recovery.

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