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CEREC one visit Crowns

At Sierra Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, one of our goals is provide you with the latest and most advanced dental technology. Doing so ensures that you receive the best possible care. With this in mind, Drs. Sierra are proud to offer 3D cone beam imaging.

The treatment process with a traditional crown takes at least two visits. In the first visit, the dentist will prep the patient’s tooth, design a new crown, and attach a temporary. When the patient’s permanent restoration is finally complete, a follow-up visit is then scheduled so the temporary can be removed. Unfortunately, some patients experience trouble with their temporaries in between their first and second appointments. This can trigger the need for an emergency visit to have a temporary reattached.

To accurately diagnose your needs and plan your treatment, we need to have as complete a picture of your oral health as possible. Dr. Sierra can learn a lot about your smile by simply looking at your teeth and gums, but a visual exam alone won’t tell us everything we need to know. And of course, a two-dimensional x-ray does allow us to view the interior of a tooth as well as your gum tissue and bone structure. However, neither of these provides a visualization that is sufficient when planning intricate procedures such as dental implants.

On the other hand, 3D cone beam imaging gives the dentist a three-dimensional view that we can manipulate with special software in order to see the image from any angle. Cone beam scans by using a cone-shaped beam that is directed at a detector; the detector rotates around the patient thereby creating a 3D image. This enhanced view has not only improved the educational portion of your visits but also the planning stage as well.

For instance, when we are planning a dental implant procedure, images from the 3D cone beam system provide details of your jawbone—the shape and density—so that we can more accurately place implants for the greatest degree of stability in the jaw.

If you’re receiving care with one or more dental implants, we can pinpoint exactly where your implant(s) will go. Knowing the exact location where your implants will go will improve the implantation process and reduce your recovery period afterward.

Likewise, the 3D Cone Beam Imaging System can be very useful when we are plotting a treatment plan for orthodontic braces with Invisalign. The accuracy that this system provides may help reduce your treatment time, so you can have straight teeth sooner. And if you are in pain because of temporomandibular joint disorder, TMJ, then our 3D cone beam system provides a more accurate view of your jaw, teeth and ligaments, so our doctors can treat your condition more precisely.

3D Cone Beam technology can also be used to:

  • Diagnose toothaches that may be due to infection
  • Plan orthodontic care with Invisalign
  • Diagnose and treat TMJ dysfunction so you’ll be out of pain faster

Would you like to learn more about what’s possible with 3D Cone Beam imaging? Don’t hesitate to call our dental office in Pasadena, TX with your questions. Our team would be happy to talk to you about our advanced technology.