Preventative and Family Dentistry


Preventive dentistry is something we all need to be committed to. Adults and children alike are vulnerable to the most common oral health problems, which include gum disease and tooth decay. Routine brushing and flossing can do a lot to ward them off, but even the best homecare routine will benefit from the kind of professional service our Pasadena team can offer.

In addition to offering pediatric dentistry and dental sealants, our preventive and family dental services include:

Dental Cleanings and Exams

We recommend that patients visit our office for routine dental cleanings and exams every six months. With frequent checkups, we can help you remove bacteria and plaque from hard-to-reach parts of your mouth, and we can look for dental issues that might require our attention. Our goal is to help you create and maintain the most beautiful smile possible so you can enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health.

Treating Bruxism with Custom-Made Nightguards

Unconscious teeth grinding is a series problem and can result have negative consequences for your oral health if it isn’t treated. Thankfully, this condition, which is known as bruxism, can be managed with a special oral appliance known as a nightguard. Your nightguard will ease your symptoms and prevent more serious damage to your smile. To learn more about either bruxism or how it can be treated, don’t hesitate to call our dental office in Pasadena, TX with your questions.


Because up to 40 percent of sports injuries involve the face, athletes of all stripes should wear a sportsguard. Not only do they protect the teeth and tongue, they have also been shown to reduce the severity of concussions. A basic mouthguard purchased from a sporting goods store will provide some level of protection against sports injuries, but for the most advanced protection, talk to us about the benefits of a custom-made appliance.

Has it been more than six months since your family’s last visit to our Pasadena, TX dental office? Our team would be happy to schedule a visit with you. Simply give us a call and we’d be delighted to be of assistance.

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