Laser Technology In Pasadena

It would be hard to imagine life today without technology. From computers and cooking to cars and toys, technology is everywhere. And yes, technology is in the dentist’s office, too. Dentistry has been dramatically advanced by modern technology; treatment is more precise, less invasive and far less more predictable thanks to technology. One of the technologies we use at Sierra Smiles is hard tissue laser treatment. For many patients who experienced anxiety about certain dental procedures, hard tissue lasers can be a reassuring comfort.

Hard Tissue Laser and Tooth Decay

If your Pasadena dentist at Sierra Smiles has informed you that you have a cavity, then your first thought may be, “Oh no, not the drill.” With our hard tissue laser, we don’t need a drill. Your tooth contains water. When laser energy touches your tooth, water molecules become active and vaporize enamel, essentially cutting through the tooth. The decayed portion of your tooth is efficiently removed without a drill. Moreover, water bathes your tooth during hard tissue laser treatment so there is never any heat or friction to cause discomfort.

Precision and Safety

Because treatment with a hard tissue laser is so precise—much more so that with a drill—less of your tooth’s natural structure will be compromised in order to completely remove the decayed portion of the tooth. And because a laser operates smoothly and does not vibrate the way a conventional metal drill does, stress cracks are less likely to develop throughout the rest of the tooth. You’ll be left with a strong tooth that requires less filling material to restore proper form and function.

Comfort and Care with Laser Technology

Perhaps the best thing about hard tissue laser treatment is that you may not even need a local anesthetic. That means no shot and no numbness. We can sometimes even restore more than one tooth during a single visit. Both children and adults will be more comfortable during and after treatment with laser technology in Pasadena.

If you would like more information about hard tissue laser treatment, then call Sierra Smiles in Pasadena, TX. We are dedicated to providing you and your family with general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry that ensures healthy and happy smiles for many years.