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Dental Emergency Services in Pasadena

While you never know when a dental emergency will strike, you can be prepared for one simply by knowing where to turn for help.

Are you in the middle of a dental emergency, give us a call right away. The team at Sierra Smiles is dedicated to meeting the urgent dentistry needs of patients in and around Pasadena, TX. We always strive to see patients the same day they call, especially if their emergency is very serious. We can also offer tips for managing your emergency until we can see you. Often, following these tips can make a significant difference.

Common Dental Emergencies

The most common dental emergencies include:

     Knocked out tooth

     Cracked or fractured tooth

     Broken temporary

     Severe toothache

     Damaged dentures

Saving a Knocked Out Tooth

Believe it or not, if you or a loved one has had an injury that caused a tooth to be knocked out, we may be able to save that tooth if you are seen very soon after the incident. In the meantime, take these steps to ensure that your tooth is properly preserved.

Severe Toothache

One of the most common dental emergencies is a toothache. Sometimes, a toothache is a signal that you have an infected tooth. Bacteria may have accessed the interior portion of your tooth if there is extensive tooth decay or a serious injury has damaged the tooth. In this case, removing infection and debris from inside your tooth is required. This is done during a procedure known as a root canal.

Also, because a cracked or fractured tooth may damage the interior as well as the exterior of your tooth, a root canal may be necessary in these instances, as well. Therefore, it’s important for you to see the Pasadena emergency dentist for an injury that causes any kind of structural damage to a tooth.

These aren’t the only dental emergencies that can be faced, only some of the most common or urgent. If you’re experiencing a problem not listed above, give us a call anyway. We’re happy to discuss your needs and offer a recommendation. There may be times when you should visit your nearest emergency room instead of our office, but those cases aren’t always easy to determine. Two such examples would include a (possibly) broken jaw or a cut on your tongue or lip that won’t stop bleeding. We will happily address any dental issues related to these two problems, but you should visit an emergency room first.

For all other mouth-related issues, we’re happy to accept your call and set aside time to see you. Never leave an urgent dental issue untreated because it may lead to serious changes in your oral health. Call us today for help with your urgent dental need. If you have a dental emergency, look for the “dentist near me in Pasadena” and choose Sierra Smiles.