Cosmetic Dentistry


When you smile, do you do it openly or do you hide your teeth behind your lips? At Sierra Smiles in Pasadena, TX, we have a range of great cosmetic dental options that can help you smile with greater confidence. Based on a comprehensive oral exam, we’ll match you with the best available solution. Whether you just need to improve the brightness of your smile, or you want more comprehensive treatment with veneers, Invisalign, we can help.

Teeth Whitening

Do you struggle with embarrassing tooth stains? You’re not alone. Staining is one of the most common reasons for seeking cosmetic care. Why is staining so common? Because it has so many causes, from the foods and drinks we consume to tobacco use and aging. Certain medications can even contribute. All of which makes it very difficult for anyone to avoid stains completely.

The good news is that treatment is possible. With one of our two effective solutions, you can achieve a brighter smile you’ll want to share with everyone you know. Our options include in-office whitening and take-home whitening. Both can produce stunning results, despite the differences in how they work.

In-office whitening is typically completed in one short visit and involves a light-activated gel that’s applied to the patient’s teeth. After your visit, you can look forward to leaving with teeth that are six to ten shades brighter than they were before. Take-home whitening, by comparison, uses special trays and a supply of whitener to achieve beautiful results over a matter of days. In some cases, we may recommend combining in-office whitening with take-home whitening for even better results.

If you’d like to know which option is right for you, we hope you’ll contact our Pasadena, TX dental office with your questions.

Porcelain Veneers

For patients who want to achieve a smile that looks whiter and straighter—without undergoing orthodontic care—the best solution is porcelain veneers. Your veneerswill be bonded to the front of your front teeth to hide teeth that are cracked, stained, chipped, misaligned, or stained. Because your veneers will be made from quality dental porcelain, they’ll have a natural appearance that will enhance your confidence. In most cases, a full porcelain veneers procedure can be completed in just two visits to our Pasadena, TX dental office.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you’ve ever been treated with an amalgam filling, you know how unsightly they can be. Amalgam fillings are made from a variety of metals and have a dark gray color that stands out sharply against a white smile.

But while amalgam fillings were the standard solution for cavities in the past, that’s no longer the case. Today, tooth-colored fillings are the new standard. As the name suggests, tooth-colored fillings are designed to blend in with your smile’s natural color. No one but you and Dr. Sierra will ever have to know about your treatment.

There’s even more to love about tooth-colored fillings than just this cosmetic benefit, though. Tooth-colored fillings are also more supportive of the tooth’s natural structure, improving its strength and functionality beyond what an amalgam filling can. An added benefit is that less of your tooth will need to be removed, making tooth-colored fillings a more conservative approach to care.

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