CEREC One-visit Crowns


Do you have a chipped, cracked, or decayed tooth? At Sierra Smiles, we’ve invested in a revolutionary tool that can help you restore your smile’s strength and appearance in just one visit. Known as CEREC, this tool allows lets us design, mill, and place a completely personalized crown over the course of your appointment so you can leave with your permanent restoration in place. Instead of wearing a temporary and coming back for a follow-up, you can simply get back to your normal activities again.

The Traditional Process

The treatment process with a traditional crown takes at least two visits. In the first visit, the dentist will prep the patient’s tooth, design a new crown, and attach a temporary. When the patient’s permanent restoration is finally complete, a follow-up visit is then scheduled so the temporary can be removed. Unfortunately, some patients experience trouble with their temporaries in between their first and second appointments. This can trigger the need for an emergency visit to have a temporary reattached.

Our CEREC milling unit removes this problem from the equation because it eliminates the need for a follow-up visit.  Instead, your tooth will be prepped and then covered with a custom-made crown in one visit. While you rest comfortably in our office, our CEREC machine will use the information we’ve collected about your tooth to mill your restoration from durable, high-quality ceramic.

Enjoy Better Health and Wellbeing Again

With your restored tooth, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy a wider diet again. This means you can once again eat healthy foods that you have trouble eating with your compromised tooth. You’ll also have the freedom to smile with confidence again. Open and inviting smiles send a more positive message to others than closed-mouth smiles, but not everyone has the confidence to approach others this way. At Sierra Smiles, we want to change that with the exceptional care we provide.

Do you have questions about improving the strength or appearance of a tooth with a custom-made crown? Don’t hesitate to contact our dental office in Pasadena, TX. Dr. Sierra is one of the most experienced CEREC doctors in the country and has served as a mentor and trainer with them throughout the years. During your visit, she will carefully assess your needs and use her years of expertise and training to make an informed diagnosis and treatment plan.

Important COVID-19 Notice

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