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Pain With a Root Canal: What’s Normal?

June 27, 2016

77504 dentistHave you recently undergone root canal treatment? If so, you may be experiencing some amount of discomfort following your root canal. How much is normal? Your 77504 dentist weighs in on what you can expect in the recovery from root canal therapy, and how to have the smoothest root canal recovery possible.

What To Expect With Root Canal Recovery

If you’ve just undergone root canal therapy, you know the procedure is used to rescue a severely decayed or damaged tooth from extraction. Just like it sounds, the treatment is pretty significant — patients receive local anesthesia, and the inside of the tooth is completely cleaned out through an access hole, and then filled to restore its strength. A permanent filling or crown is placed to complete the restoration.

Most patients experience some swelling and discomfort following root canal treatment.

Immediately after your root canal, you may experience:

  • Tenderness in the treatment area
  • Swelling in the affected gum or cheek
  • Discomfort in the jaw (result of keeping it open during root canal therapy)

These symptoms should subside after a couple of days, after which you will likely notice a difference in the way your tooth feels for some time. It shouldn’t be painful or tender, though — if you experience discomfort in the tooth long after your root canal treatment is complete, contact your dentist. Sometimes alternate or repeat treatment is necessary for complete healing.

Tips For A Successful Recovery From Root Canal

There are some things you can keep in mind to reduce your discomfort following root canal, and to enjoy the speediest recovery possible.

  • Do not eat or drink until after the anesthesia has worn off to avoid biting the tongue or cheeks
  • If your root canal is carried out over multiple visits, be careful chewing on the temporary restoration and avoid crunchy, hard, and sticky foods
  • Take pain medication as recommended
  • Reduce swelling during the first 36 hours following treatment by applying an ice pack to the affected cheek in 15 minute intervals
  • Continue to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would to avoid additional decay and infection

Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Your newly-restored tooth can last as long as the rest of your teeth, as long as you continue to maintain excellent dental hygiene habits. Brush your teeth for two minutes, at least twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist twice a year to keep your dental health on track following root canal. During your regular checkup, we’ll take x-rays to make sure everything looks good with your root canal.

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