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What Is a Dental Crown, and How Can You Tell if You Need One?

May 23, 2018

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Dental crowns have been around for a long time, but if you’ve never needed one, you might still have questions about this tried and true treatment. What exactly is a dental crown in Pasadena? What is a crown made of? What problems do crowns fix? Knowing the answers to such questions is important so that, if you ever do need a crown, you can go into your procedure as a confident and informed patient.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a custom tooth-shaped cap that covers your tooth’s entire crown (the part that you see above the gum line. Don’t confuse a crown with an onlay or inlay, which are treatments that cover just part of a tooth (sometimes an onlay is referred to as a “partial crown”).

These days, most patients prefer their crowns to be made of porcelain, which mimics the look of real teeth to the point where onlookers might not even be able to tell that some dental work has been done! It is also possible to craft crowns out of gold, silver, and other materials.

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are a versatile treatment that are capable of serving a range of purposes within the mouth. A crown can:

  • Protect a weakened tooth after a root canal
  • Work along with another crown and an artificial tooth to create a dental bridge
  • Restore the structure of a tooth that has been prematurely worn down
  • Protect a decayed, broken, or otherwise damaged tooth from further harm
  • Go on top of a dental implant to serve as a tooth replacement
  • Restore the beauty of a misshapen or discolored tooth

The person most qualified to tell you if you need a crown is your dentist. They can examine your mouth and look for any signs of trouble, then recommend a restorative treatment option that is right for you. If you have existing crowns in your mouth, they’ll also take a look at these and make sure they are still in good shape. If it seems like one might be near the end of its lifespan, your dentist may suggest that you get a replacement.

How Are Crowns Installed?

Many dentists use old-fashioned methods of creating crowns. They use putty to take an impression of your teeth and send the mold to a lab while you wait weeks for your restoration to arrive. In our office, on the other hand, we use an innovative system that can create a CEREC same day crown in Pasadena. After we prepare your tooth, advanced imaging software captures a digital impression of your teeth, which an in-house machine uses to create a beautiful porcelain crown. That’s right — it may only take one appointment for you to receive a permanent restoration!

Crowns are a marvel of modern dentistry that have the power to revitalize your smile. If you have more questions about this treatment, your dentist would be happy to chat with you!

About Our Dentists

Drs. Linda and Chris Sierra (a mother and son team) are your passionate, skilled local dental team. They are both certified in CEREC crowns and derive great satisfaction from helping patients enjoy complete, sound smiles. If you suspect you need a crown, please contact our office at 713-943-2094.

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